With the CU24 SurF ATM Alliance, members of participating credit unions can save an average of $300 a year on surcharge fees at more than 200 ATM locations throughout Maine, one of the largest ATM networks in the state. With the SurF network, ‘no fees’ means just that-not only will you see no fees at your ATM, there are absolutely no hidden fees anywhere else! In addition, a number of SurF CU24 ATM Alliance locations give thousands of Maine credit union members the ability to not only access cash, but to also make deposits, surcharge-free.

The CU24 SurF ATM Alliance now includes over 90% of the state’s 67 credit unions. “The SurF Alliance is a prime example of how Maine credit unions cooperate to create opportunities that benefit consumers throughout the state,” explained League President John Murphy.

The SurF network is an excellent example of how credit unions help consumers with an unexpected need for instant cash in a world that increasingly relies on plastic, without having to pay for that convenience through a surcharge, or worse yet, finding increased fees on other products and services.

For members of participating credit unions, this is a cost they will never face, as simply looking for the SurF logo on other credit unions’ ATM machines is their ticket to a fee-free transaction. For a complete listing of the CU24 SurF ATM locations in Maine, visit www.mainecreditunons.org and click on the SurF logo.

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