In the middle of my freshman year, the school’s Outing Club was going to have a session of scuba diving lessons to become a certified scuba diver. I, of course, wanted to do it! I asked my parents if I could do the sessions of scuba diving to become a certified scuba diver, but both of them said, “no”. It would have cost way too much. However, they had another idea in mind. They were going to send my sister Kelsie and me to Florida, where my Aunt Anna and Uncle Bob were both scuba divers. One was a Master and the other one was a scuba diving instructor. This would be the way to go.

On the twelfth of May (Kelsie’s and my birthday) got the most exciting news ever. We were going to Florida, and were going to learn how to scuba dive. The problem was that we didn’t get to leave until the 29th of July. But the fun part was we were going on a plane by ourselves for the very first time. It was a little frightening at first but we got through it.

When we got to our Aunt and Uncle’s house, the first thing we did was to get started on our classes of scuba diving. Now that was boring because first I just got out of school, and I didn’t want to have classes anymore and second, we were learning things that I already knew about from passed readings. After the classes, we finally went into the pool and did some lessons under water. We were in the pool for the next three days. On Thursday of that week, we went snorkeling in the ocean. We found loads of cool stuff under water. We saw a pregnant stingray, glass bottles (that we got rid of), and some little fish. We even caught a fish and called it Beijing!

On Friday and Saturday we started the actual diving. On Friday, we did two beach dives, which was hard to do because we had to carry all of our equipment on our backs to the beach and back. And trust me that equipment was heavy! On Saturday, we did two boat dives. The boat dives were a lot easier to my knowledge. The boat dives were my favorite because we saw a lot of things. I even saw a fish that was as long as me and I am 5’3″! It was a barracuda. Now I know why they call that reef Barracuda reef!

At the end of the week we had to take a test. A test on scuba diving. I passed! To be a certified scuba diver, I needed to pass the test with higher than an 80 and I needed to have a minimum of four dives. I did all of them. So now I can say I am a certified scuba diver.

Now that’s what I call a good summer vacation. Becoming a certified scuba dive

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