I had a chance to meet with our new principal of Tripp Middle School. I as a seventh grader coming into a new school was very interested in getting to know my new principal. Robert Taylor Kahler is a very interesting person to talk to. He took time out of his day to meet with me.

Some of Mr. Kahler’s hobbies that he has pleasure in doing are painting and hiking. Just by sitting down with Mr. Kahler I could tell that he was a very outdoorsy person. Most important, Mr. Kahler loves to spend time with his family. Mr. Kahler gets very disappointed when he can’t go from classroom to classroom when he wants. Mr. Kahler quoted, “I go to check on a classroom to see what they’re learning, but sometimes I can’t because of things going on in each room.”

Mr. Kahler was interested in being a principal at Tripp Middle School ever since he was hearing great stuff about students. He heard that Tripp has so much to give and offer. Mr. Kahler quoted, “I love working at middle schools, I’ve been working at them for years.” Some of Mr.Kahlert difficulties of being a principal is not having enough time to balance with work and helping kids when they need him.

There are a few challenges that Mr. Kahler faced when he came into a new district. Mr. Kahler says that he came to work two weeks before school started. Mr. Kahler was still figuring out how to get around the school, as well as the seventh graders.

How does coming into work everyday affect the way you handle your own children? Mr. Kahler says becoming a dad made me more patient.” Mr. Kahler feels that he will make a positive impact on our school by having a positive attitude and putting kids first. Mr.Kahler sure loves his job, and it truly comes through.

It was fun to interview Mr. Kahler. I hope to get to know more about Robert Taylor Kahler more into the year. He is funny, smart and caring towards others. I am looking towards my junior high years here at Tripp Middle School.

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