FARMINGTON, N.H. (AP) – When Sharon Turner’s Barack Obama campaign sign was stolen from her yard, she didn’t have to look far for a suspect.

“I would like to think it wasn’t Paul,” she joked, referring to her husband, a John McCain supporter.

Paul Turner says he wasn’t the thief, “but let’s put it this way: I wasn’t disappointed.”

They’re not alone when it comes to spouses split by the presidential campaign.

Former Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand, a Democrat, is backing Obama. His wife, Sandi Hennequin, is a Republican and backs McCain.

Marchand said he and his wife have “in jest” tried to bring the “other person over.”

“I’m a Democrat and I’m pro-choice,” he said. “If I think that women should have the right and ability to make choices of their body, I sure as heck think women should have the ability to make choices about their political affiliation.”

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