Dear Sun Spots: We read Sun Spots every day. We get a lot of questions answered without asking. I have one that drives me crazy. Why do the people, on Stock Exchange’s last bell, clap no matter what the stocks have done (up or down)? It drives me nuts! – No Name, No Town.

Answer: A spokesperson for the New York Stock Exchange explained there isn’t a specific reason for the clapping. Although the stock market fluctuates, it does not change the excitement of being there, and clapping tends to be a natural reaction to this excitement. Clapping at the close of the day also marks a celebration for the person or corporation ringing both the opening and closing bells.

The spokesperson also pointed out that ringing the bell at the NYSE offers the listed companies and guests the opportunity to be at the heart of the U.S. economy. It gives them the chance to open or close the world’s largest market, where many of the world’s best and most recognized companies trade billions of shares daily.

Dear Sun Spots: We upgraded to HD in June. Dish network came over and changed our receiver and everything was great. They took the old receiver with them. In the meantime we received an empty box from dish network to mail the old receiver back which we did not have. In August we received a call from Dish for us to send the old receiver back or they will bill our credit card for $200. We told them we did not have the receiver and they said they would check into the matter. We received our September credit card statement and they took the $200 off our card. We called Dish network and were connected to someone overseas and we told her our situation and said she would check into the matter.

In the meantime, I e-mailed Dish network with the name of the tech and his ID number telling them the situation with the old receiver. They said they would check it out and are sorry for the inconvenience and that they received an e-mail from the overseas person. At the end of September we e-mailed them again wondering what is going on with the receiver. They replied giving us the same telephone number that we called in the beginning of September.

We called them back and they say they are checking into the matter. They are giving us the runaround and in the meantime we still have a $200 charge on our credit card statement. We would like to know if they have an office in the area which we can go and talk to a human being and show them the paperwork that we have from the tech that installed the new one. Thank you. – Jeannine Pelletier, Lewiston.

Answer: Sun Spots was unable to contact the local Dish network retailer, Community Wireless Plus. However, unless you are paying your bill at the store, they probably cannot help you with your billing issue. We also contacted a Dish Network representative, who could not disclose information regarding your situation due to security reasons. They encourage you to e-mail them through the Web site or contact and customer service representative at 1-800-333-3474.

For No Name, Mechanic Falls, Sun Spots inquiry Thursday, Oct. 9, who has a terrible odor coming from her kitchen sink: A helpful reader suggests thoroughly cleaning the drain and the drain stopper/strainer. She noted that your stopper and the drain are probably partially, if not completely, made of plastic instead of stainless steel.

Smells from cooking water or other things poured down the drain will adhere to the plastic. She uses broccoli as an example; if you boil broccoli and pour the cooking water down the sink, the smell will linger unless you scrub both the stopper and the sink. She thinks any kitchen cleaner will work.

Dear Sun Spots: For those who would like some free firewood, we just cut some trees (hardwood) on our property. If you have a wood stove and are able to take the wood, dry it and split it, please contact us at 784-0981. Feel free to leave a message. – No Name, Lewiston.

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