PARIS – The county is predicting increases to the Oxford County Jail budget through 2011 as three budgets are submitted to the newly formed Board of Corrections.

The budgets project $860,132 in expenditures and $141,469 in revenue for the first six months of 2009, which will bring the county up to the state’s July 1 to June 30 fiscal year. The $718,663 total exceeds the state-imposed cap of $614,378.

Jail administrator Ernest Martin and Sheriff Wayne Gallant have projected budgets of $1,449,190 for fiscal year 2010 and $1,505,662 for fiscal year 2011. The county commissioners have projected totals of $1,486,073 for 2010 and $1,538,321 for 2011.

Each budget exceeds the yearly cap of $1,228,757 set by the state.

Judy Haas, assistant county administrator, said the Board of Corrections will set a growth limitation for expenditures each year, but one hasn’t been set. If the budget falls within the limitation, the board must accept the budget; if it does not, the board must further review and adopt a new budget.

Haas said $49,000 in projected revenues were mistakenly double-counted in the Community Corrections Fund, leading to a projected decrease in revenues by the commissioners. Haas said the jail will also not receive jail surcharge funds as of July 1, 2009.

The budget asks for increases in medical fees due to the increased number of inmates requiring medical treatment, repairs for an extended winter cleanup and water tank replacement, increased food and fuel costs, and the purchase of a new van.

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