As America’s economic situation grows and grows, the financial situation for sports continues to be impaired. Who would have thought that sports would be thrown into the topic of today’s current economic situation? As I age, I realize the importance of the economy and how much impact it has on the world. I also realize how much of an impact it has on the world of sports and why contracts are rising and why the cost of a sporting event increases.

I understand, as a huge sports fan, that seating tickets are rising. I think that ticket prices are absolutely outrageous and need to be lowered. I refuse to pay $65 for a regular average baseball seat. Seating prices are unfair to loyal sports fans. Why should a middle class citizen, who is already having economic troubles, pay $65 to see a sporting event with athletes juiced up on steroids? What happened to going to a sporting event where you paid $10 for a ticket, ate a hot dog, drank some soda, and enjoyed America’s past time?

Another reason I am not so fond of sports and its economic situation is because athletes are overpaid. There is no way a player should be paid millions of dollars. I don’t care who that player is or what statistics that athlete can put up yearly. There are much more important issues in the world that the money needs to be spent towards. I mean, our president makes about $250,000. That is the leader of our country we are talking about. The person who makes sure that America is safe. To me, if a player like the Yankees’ third baseman is being paid 1,000 times what our president is being paid, there is a serious problem. Many American citizens are being forced out of their own homes because of foreclosure or because they can’t afford oil, yet, athletes like Tiger Woods own six homes; there is a crucial problem.

But, I wonder how much of the greed of money is coming from the athletes themselves rather than their agents. Think about it. Every agent gets a percentage of his or her client’s salary. What agent wouldn’t want their client to have the biggest paying contract in the history of sports? I think that it’s agents like Scott Boras and Drew Rosenhaus who tear sports apart. Players and agents want higher salaries, and owners seem to want to give it to them. As an example, the Yankees are going to have approximately 300 million dollars to spend on free agents this off-season. I think now those free agents and their agents are licking their chops because they know that the Yankees are going to spend and overspend on overvalued players. That will create the burdened-fan-effect I talked about earlier. This effect will last for years to come. So, yes sports fans, you will have the New York Yankees to thank for being a large part of the economical struggle with sports.

In following politics, I realize that there needs to be change for America. There can’t be athletes with salaries of millions and millions of dollars and it’s absolutely unethical when you think about the many problems in America. I want change for the sake of sports and “Joe the Plumber.”

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