n According to sciencenews.org, the largest known prime number, having nearly 13 million digits, was recently discovered by a team of UCLA mathematicians, using a network of 75 computers. That discovery won the team a $100,000 prize from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

n 25 Years Ago in TV Guide: The “TV Q&A” page of the Nov. 5, 1983, issue answered reader questions about the cable system with the largest number of channels, how many times videotape could be reused, and why the year of release of films is usually shown in Roman numerals.

The first major world city to greet the New Year every January 1st is located in:

A) Russia

B) Japan

C) New Zealand

D) Indonesia

Tuesday’s answer: In the 1996 New Hampshire Democratic primary, comedian Pat Paulsen finished in second place to President Bill Clinton.

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