Dear Sun Spots: I have a Crosley CR248 radio. This unit plays records, audio tapes, CDs, and will also burn CDs. The tape deck does not play well. I get that “Donald Duck” effect. Replacing the tape deck is no big job. Just eight screws and one multiwire plug. If I could get a replacement deck I could install it in 5 minutes. But, where can I get a replacement deck? I tried two TV repair shops and they don’t touch Crosleys. I tried online, but cannot find parts. Can Sun Spots help? – Dick, Lewiston.

Answer: Your first step is to call the Crosley company to see if they sell the parts you need. If you cannot fix the unit yourself, it will need to be sent directly to the company for repair. Crosley prefers to handle all of their own repairs; therefore they do not have a relationship with any repair centers.

If your radio is still under warranty, the price will be $19.95, which covers all parts and labor as well as the shipping and handling to return the item to you after the repair. If they are unable to repair your radio it will be replaced at no additional charge.

Contact a member of the technical support team from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 1-800-926-7801 Monday through Friday, or e-mail [email protected] They will need to know the manufacture date of the radio, located on the back of the unit, the unit color and your contact information.

Dear Sun Spots: For No Name, No Town (Sun Spots, Tuesday Oct. 21) would this be the Lucia song she is looking for?

“Now ‘neath the silver moon

Ocean is glowing,

O’er the calm billow

Soft winds are blowing;

Here balmy breezes blow,

Pure joys invite us,

And as we gently row,

All things delight us.


Hark, how the sailor’s cry

Joyously echoes nigh:

Santa Lucia! Santa Lucia, home of fair Poesy,

Realm of pure harmony, Santa Lucia! Santa Lucia!

When o’er thy waters

Light winds are playing,

Thy spell can soothe us,

All care allaying;

To thee, sweet Napoli,

What charms are given,

Where smiles creation,

Toil blest by heaven.” -J.W., Albany Twp.

Dear Sun Spots: Earlier in October I found a (fake) diamond tennis bracelet in a shopping parking lot. It appears not to be broken. If you lost yours, call me and tell me about it. It ought to find its original owner. Call Ms. Dorey, Lewiston, 795-6060. – Ms. Dorey, Lewiston.

Dear Sun Spots: The West Minot Grange is looking for support with its upcoming community event. We are sponsoring a Thanksgiving Ball with old-fashioned dance music by Jones’ band. This will be held from 7 to 10 p.m. Nov. 27. Tickets are $5 each. They may be purchased in advance at the Village Trading Post in West Minot or at the door.

Refunds will be available if the dance is canceled due to inclement weather. This is to support our continuing effort to restore the building as a community center.

The outside has a new coat of paint on three sides thanks to community volunteers and the support of Rent It, Center Street, Auburn. We have installed a new front door with “crash bar” exit hardware. To help raise the money for these projects we have had yearly indoor yard sales for the last three years as well as other fundraisers. Our future restoration projects include a handicap ramp, handicap restroom, painting the dining room floor and upgrading the dining room/kitchen storage facilities. We are also hoping to install an electric chairlift for those who have difficulty climbing the stairs. Thank you for your support from the West Minot Grange members. – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: I had been looking at past editions on, and one reader’s letter jumped out at me regarding rebates for Time Warner services/products. I had a similar experience, signing up for services and being eligible for a $100 rebate through Broadband National, now Bridgevine. It took about a year of arguing and hassle to get $50 of it, but they refuse to acknowledge the balance. Time Warner was no help either, even though they lost me as a customer in part due to this fiasco. Just wanted to share my experience. – Dean, No Town.

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