Dear Sun Spots: I’ve had an Ashley wood stove for 20 years. My clean-out door was a solid door. I have purchased a new Ashley stove and the clean-out door has four holes in it. But I don’t have any way to close the holes when I get the stove going. Am I supposed to have a slider to block the holes? Could you get me the number of the Ashley company that makes them. Where I got the stove, they don’t really have a clue why the holes are open with no way to close them. Do I need a part to put there? Thank you very much. – G.A.L., Auburn.

Answer: Sun Spots suggests checking the owner’s manual on your new stove for information on ordering replacement parts and accessories. U.S. Stove offers technical support for Ashley wood stoves and can assist with ordering the parts you may need. Contact a customer service representative at 1-800-750-2723.

Dear Sun Spots: My friend Jessie has been battling stage four colon cancer for over two years. She has been so brave, but to help lift her spirits I would like to do a makeover in her apartment while she is gone to John Hopkins. It’s a small apartment, but her living room furniture is very old. I have some resources, but I will need help with the furniture and carpeting. Jessica is a wonderful person who never complains and even when she has been too sick to work she volunteered at the Dempsey Center and helped many friends. She has been a volunteer at the YMCA for years and a member of the Vineyard Church. There is no one more deserving right now and this would mean the world to her. If you can help, please contact me at 754-8511 or e-mail at Thank you to all. – Cathy, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: First of all, I would like to thank all your readers who called me with help with furniture for my granddaughter. The response was overwhelming, and once again, Sun Spots was successful. I have one problem, though. To the woman who called about the toddler bed, I have lost your phone number and address. Could you please call again? Or anyone with a toddler bed. We also still need a bureau. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Call 782-9882. Thanks. – Peggy, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: Something has mystified me for several months. I hope you have the resources to answer these questions. Thanks for your consideration, you do a tremendous job. Some time ago, some person at NASA said that firearms and missiles are not a factor in space defense. What happens if some human fires say a .30-06 or .308-caliber firearm from the International Space Station? The bullet would depart the firearm at over 3,000 feet per second. Would the bullet remain in orbit? Now if the space station is traveling at more than 20,000 mph in a zero vacuum does the firearm shot react in some fashion?

Next, if an astronaut had a mental breakdown in space or a violent episode to cause damage to other crew members or the station, do they have some means to restrain or inject that person to subdue them? Do they have any weapons or firearms on the space station? Will a firearm work in zero gravity? The United States recently destroyed a satellite in danger by firing a missile from a ship in the Pacific Ocean. It did its job. Thanks for your professional research. Yours truly. – Brant Tribou, Turner.

Sun Spots apologizes for holding on to your inquiry for a length of time, but there is a lack of information available about astronauts carrying guns and we have had trouble finding official information regarding this subject. We attempted to contact a representative from NASA numerous times and did not receive a response. We hope our readers will offer more information for you.

Dear Sun Spots: Central Maine Orthopaedics in Auburn recently replaced all of the chairs located in patient exam rooms. The chairs are still in very good condition, some may require light cleaning. Central Maine Orthopaedics would like to donate all of the chairs (20+/-) to a local organization and/or non-profit that would be able to use them. Please call Lisa at 344-2433 for more information or to arrange for pick-up. – Central Maine Orthopaedics, Auburn.

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