Dear Sun Spots: During this election, there have been many signs for the candidates. In the same area of the candidates’ signs, there is a plaid banner located with all the other signs. I was wondering what it means or represents. Thank you. – Wanda, No Town.

Sun Spots chuckled when we received your inquiry about the mysterious plaid banners; the Sun Journal newsroom has been wondering the same thing! Editorial page editor Tony Ronzio made countless phone calls and asked readers and has yet to find the source of these banners. Hopefully, your question will prompt the person or group who made the signs to help us solve the mystery.

Dear Sun Spots: You have been of great help before, and I’m sure you will continue to do so. Is there anyone out in your vast audience who would have the sheet music for the song “I’ll Sail My Ship Alone”? If so, I would gladly make a copy and return theirs. I may be reached at 784-8388. Please leave a message with your number and I will call back. Thank you for any help you can give. Keep up the great services. – Rose, Lewiston.

Answer: “I’ll Sail My Ship Alone,” written and originally recorded by Moon Mullican in 1958, was also recorded by Patsy Cline, Ray Price, George Jones and Mickey Gilley, among others. Sun Spots hopes a reader will be able to assist you with your inquiry. In the meantime, we thought you’d be interested in the lyrics, courtesy of

We’ve been sweethearts for so long

But now you say, “We’re thru!”

The love we shared is now a memory

I had built a ship of dreams

And planned them all for you

And now I guess what is to be will be.


I’ll sail my ship alone

With all the dreams I own

Drifting out across the ocean blue

I’ll sail my ship alone

Tho’ all the sails, you’ve torn

And when it starts to sink, then I’ll blame you.

I’m just like a ship at sea

That’s lost without a sail

The dark clouds hide the sun from up above

And even with these broken dreams

My heart will never fail

For deep inside there’s only one true love.


I gave a message to the wind

To take back home to you

Hopin’ you would hear my S.O.S.

Maybe you would come back home

My darling, if you knew

How much my aching heart is in distress.

Dear Sun Spots: Could you or readers tell me where A Better Choice car repair went to? It was on North River Road in Auburn. Phone is disconnected. I was gone for six months and they had left by then. Any information is appreciated! – Jean, No Town.

Answer: After talking with others who were familiar with A Better Choice, Sun Spots believes the repair shop went out of business. We were unable to contact the former owners and hope those with information contact the column.

Dear Sun Spots: About a month ago, I spotted a great iron mitten drying rack with a mitten shape on the top and the side iron arms were shaped like mittens. It was at the Goodwill store in Auburn. I did not buy it that day but went back later and to my disappointment it was gone. I was wondering if whoever donated it might tell me where it was purchased so I might get one or maybe someone may have seen one and let me know where I can get one.

I have tried online and have seen many, but not that one. Hope someone can help me locate one. You can call me at 784-6332. Thank you. – Cathy G., Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: If the lady looking for Bobblehead maker will call me (Sun Spots inquiry, Monday, Oct. 27, 2008), I will see if I can help her. We do sell some Bobbleheads, but I can probably find out what she is looking for. Call 784-8176 – Jan McDonald, Chuck’s Corner.

Dear Sun Spots: This is in response to No Name, No Town of Oct. 30, who is looking for moisture plus-watering crystals for neck socks for our troops overseas. I have three packages of Crystal Accents that I will sell to her. She may call me at 782-9761. Thank you. – Michelle, No Town.

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