n Eponym of the week: London-born clergyman John Harvard, who did not found the university named for him. He bequeathed some cash and his library to New College, which was renamed in his honor in 1639.

n You’re probably familiar with some of the quotations of baseball great Yogi Berra, such as “It ain’t over till it’s over” and “Never answer an anonymous letter.” Many quotes not coined by Berra have been attributed to him, and Yogi had something quotable to say about that: “I didn’t really say everything I said.”

Who was the first male to appear on the cover of the women’s fashion magazine Vogue?

A) Burt Reynolds

B) Sean Connery

C) Tom Cruise

D) Richard Gere

Wednesday’s answer: Two Alans (Shepard and Bean) are among the 12 men who have walked on the moon.

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