Do you love to have fun while helping others? Try having a Compassion Fair! All you need is a right mind and a good idea.

Central Maine Christian Academy had a compassion fair a few weeks ago. The seventh through 12th graders had a blast creating fun and easy games for the younger grades. And the pre-scholars through the sixth grade students had an awesome time joining in the fun. My friend Garrett says, “Many people help in one day, to help one for many days.”

Some of the easiest and more fun ideas were face painting, the pie throw, and apple-bobbing. This year a few different games appeared, such as the “Ooey Gooey Swamp” which was a timed game where you feel around in a bucket of gak (a mixture of cornstarch, water, and glue) for pennies… GROSS! But, “Really, really fun. I enjoyed it immensely,” or at least my friend Jessi says so.

After playing these games, the younger kids went to a table by the school to turn in the tickets that they had earned from the games, in exchange for prizes. These prizes were donations from the older kids. The main reasons for all of this were to lift up God’s name, and to help others have fun!

This October, Central Maine Christian Academy had its 2008 Compassion Fair. The Fair included games, food, and fun for grades K-6 while grades 7-12 manned the game booths. Games included dart throwing, face painting, ring toss, and pie throws.

The Fair was on October 2 from 12 to 1 p.m. Half an hour was set aside for setting booths and games up, 15 minutes for grades K-3, and 15 minutes for grades 4-6. According to Mrs. Corff, the 7-8 grade teacher, “The Compassion Fair is fun and goes to a very good cause.” Mrs. Paquette, the 9-12 grade teacher said, “It is a good example of older students serving the younger students.”

The point of the Compassion Fair is to raise money for Hamisi Mukisa, who is the school’s Compassion Child. Each student from grades K-12 was required to bring in a dollar to participate in the Fair. The money was then collected and sent to Hamisi Mukisa and his family in Africa.

So, although the Compassion Fair was fun for us, the best thing was knowing that you’re helping to provide for another family’s needs. The whole point of the Compassion Fair is to get us to care more about others and to think less of ourselves. The Fair does this is in a way that is fun, exciting, and effective.

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