The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is enough to leave anyone exhausted. But, even though today’s holiday schedule can be overwhelming at times, there are several simple “dos and don’ts” that can help you streamline at least one area of your holiday activities – home decorating. The following holiday decorating tips from Pratt & Lambert Paints are designed to help you create lasting memories for your holiday guests, without leaving you struggling and stressed.

Plan ahead

DON’T wait until the last minute to start decorating.

DO start early and have a plan.

Begin by making a list of all the decorating items you currently have and those you’d like to purchase. This will help you avoid overspending when you go to the store. Once you have all the decorations you need, lay all of them out before you begin placing them around your home, then sort them into groups, by room. Place all the decorations for your living room together in one area, those for your kitchen in another, and so on. This will allow you to take inventory of what you have and possibly inspire you to mix and match some decorations into areas of your home that you might not otherwise have thought of before.

Create a colorful focal point

DON’T let your design sense get scattered.

DO take the time to create a memorable focal point in your home.

Rather than trying to decorate each and every one of your rooms with a few items that are scattered about, focus first on making a lasting impression in one specific area of your home.

“One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to punch up the wall color in the room that will serve as the main gathering place for your guests,” says Pratt & Lambert color marketing specialist, Peggy Van Allen. “If you’ll be entertaining in the living room, consider painting just one accent wall, perhaps the one that may serve as a backdrop to your holiday tree. You’ll find that a small punch of dramatic wall color will go a long way in making a lasting impression on your guests.”

Retire the green and red

DON’T think everything has to be red or green to be considered festive.

DO incorporate colors that aren’t typically associated with the holiday season.

Why limit yourself to using “traditional” holiday season colors? Some of the most stunning holiday designs can be created when you look to your current decor for color inspiration. Doing so allows you to choose items that complement your tastes and creates a cohesive look and feel throughout your home. Another popular decorating technique that creates a sophisticated look is to add metallics and glass for additional shimmer and sparkle.

Make high traffic areas

a priority

DON’T spend too much time and effort decorating areas that your holiday guests aren’t likely to see.

DO concentrate your decorating efforts in high-traffic areas.

Although you may want to add holiday cheer to rooms in your home that won’t be seen by your holiday guests, first focus on those areas that will. For example, add tasteful holiday accents to the half-bath or powder room downstairs by incorporating colorful soaps, towels and holiday scents.

Use what you have on hand

DON’T think you need to spend a bundle to create a cozy, holiday atmosphere.

DO get creative and use items you already have around the house as inexpensive decorations.

Gather all of your candles into one vignette and place them in a central area, such as on a mantel in your living room or family room. Rather than using standard holiday table top pieces, use fruit to create an interesting and colorful centerpiece. If you really want to wow your guests, gather branches from outside, spray paint them with sparkling colors and arrange them in a vase you already have on hand. To top off the look, tie a beautiful bow around the top or base of the vase.

Relax, sit back and enjoy

DON’T get so caught up in decorating that you forget to enjoy the holidays.

DO take time to sit back and relax.

It’s easy to let holiday activities overwhelm you during this busy season, but don’t forget the best and most important part of the holidays, spending time with your family and friends. – Courtesy of ARAcontent.

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