Between baking cookies, shopping for gifts and attending all those special events, the holidays can be extremely busy. Even though days can be demanding, you still want to decorate your home and create a beautiful environment for your friends and family to celebrate this special time of year. Luxurious handmade touches make a home festive and gifts unique, and with the right tools, it’s easier than you think.

As you shop through stores, look for ideas from the abundance of holiday-themed items displayed. Another good place to be inspired and find something distinctive is at your local craft store. You might note a lot of items are embroidered, which is very trendy right now. Embroidery is the perfect handmade touch for holiday decor and gifts. It is not only elegant, but personalizes something that might otherwise seem a bit generic.

One tool that can help you give a touch of class to your holiday items is the BERNINA 830. This state-of-the-art sewing and embroidery system machine has a touch screen and offers twice the space of the standard sewing machine with a slew of tools to make sewing and embroidery quick and easy. You can use the jumbo hoop (16 by 10 inches) to embroider just about anything fast for that perfect holiday look.

Here are some ideas to add a luxurious, personal touch to your holidays:

Enhance what you have.

Don’t buy a new tablecloth, placemats or napkins this year. Why not take what you have and enhance it? For example, you might have a dark green tablecloth that is still in great shape. Try embellishing it for a custom look. Sew on or embroider a holiday image such as a candy cane in traditional colors or holly leaves in metallic thread for a festive table setting.

Get a lush, holiday look in no time.

Rich, luxurious fabrics really stand out during the holiday season. Choices like silk, satin and velvet are great for sewing projects and produce a finished product that is lavish yet comfortable. Think sewing on these types of fabric is hard? Tell the BERNINA 830 what type of fabric you are using and its thickness and the machine will tell you what needle, thread, presser foot and stitches to use to get the best results.

Deck the halls with family.

Christmas stockings are a great project in which to incorporate your children’s personalities. You can customize by sewing each child’s name in a fancy alphabet style, but don’t stop there. If little Susie likes to dance, add a pair of ballet slippers or if big brother Jim likes baseball, add a bat and glove. They’ll feel special and all your guests will compliment such exceptional stockings. Go one step further and coordinate the tree skirt with ideas and themes unique to your family.

Customized gifts stand out.

What do you get your best friend who has everything or your mom who you always just buy a cozy sweater? Mix it up and use embroidery to customize a gift that will truly stand out from the rest. Pillowcases and towels are perfect for embroidered embellishments. Clothing like sweaters, scarves and gloves work as well. Go traditional and print a monogram or try something different and add your own design. With the BERNINA 830 you can feed your unique designs into the built-in computer system and let the machine embroider the item of your choice with your special design – while you work on another task.

Give the gift of time.

With your new sewing machine, you now have access to a tool with unlimited possibilities. Why not give your seamstress abilities as a gift? Everyone has pants to be fitted or wants nice place settings for their next formal dinner. Tell that special someone you have the tools and know-how to get the job done fast. They’ll be thrilled at your gift and appreciative of the time and money you will save them.

A luxurious handmade holiday is easier than you think. Visit to learn more and find a dealer near you. – Courtesy of ARAcontent.

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