Do you like to ride your snowmobile fast? Ever think you could beat your friends in a race? Here is your chance, this race is for those who DARE climb.

For the second winter in a row, Black Mountain will host several Hill Climbs. There are three scheduled this year: Friday, January 23, Friday, February 27 and Friday, March 27.

What is a Hill Climb you ask? “It’s a timed uphill race on snowmobiles,” says Greg Chiasson, organizer of this year’s event.

After navigating a series of plastic barrels, the fastest sled to the top wins. Although pre-registration is required, anyone can enter, and with the race being Open Class, anything goes. “These are just regular sleds,” says Greg, “they go anywhere from 70-100 miles an hour. Last year, the fastest time was just over 16 seconds.”

Only those with the fastest times will take home a trophy. Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in both men’s and women’s classes.

If you want to race, don’t wait to register. Last season there were over 100 entries. Entries are limited and slots fill up quickly. The riders don’t get to have all the fun though; there is plenty of room for spectators as well. The Café and Last Run Lodge will be open for your favorite snacks and beverages.

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