BIG AIR: When a snowboarder rides up the side of a half pipe or jump and ollies or jumps in the air.

GOOFY FOOT: Riding with the right foot forward on the snowboard.

REGULAR FOOT: Riding with the left foot forward on the snowboard.

HALFPIPE: A channel constructed in the snow which resembles a pipe cut longitudinally. Halfpipes, or pipes, have consistent walls on both sides and are 100 to 400 feet long with walls up to 20 feet high.

HIT or KICKER: A raised area with an abrupt lip from which snowboarders jump to get airborne.

LIP: The top edge of a halfpipe wall.

LOG and RAIL SLIDES: Long cylinders above the snow which snowboarders use as a surface. Slides are constructed of logs, telephone poles, plastic or other materials. Riders also slide on staircase handrails on the slopes or in town.

QUARTERPIPE: A channel with only one wall.

TABLETOP: A mound of snow with the top sheared off providing a flat, level surface for snowboarders to jump over.

TERRAIN PARK: A place on the mountain where various obstacles have been built to help snowboarders and skiers perform freestyle tricks. Terrain parks usually have jumps, kickers, hips, rails, boxes, and tabletops for riders to perform freestyle tricks. – Prepared by The National Ski Areas Association.

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