“This is lovely bean soup, – only I don’t like bean soup,” tactfully declared a small girl in the cooking class at the Lewiston Social Settlement the other day. Exclamations of “Oh, you mustn’t say that,” and “That isn’t polite,” with a round of laughter, went up from the other small cooks.

The child, who in her sweet way had made a special effort to say the kind thing, was somewhat chagrined until the leader thoughtfully agreed, “That’s right, this is lovely bean soup, only I don’t like bean soup either!” This smoothed out the situation and the children returned their attention to the soup and Johnny cake.

50 years ago, 1958

Bates Manufacturing Co. president Lester E. Martin gave his approval in a statement yesterday to the suggestion that the Federal minimum wage be increased from $1 to $1.25.

The suggestion was made this week by Spencer Love, head of Burlington Mills, the Nation’s largest textile firm. Martin said Bates officials “thoroughly approve” of Love’s viewpoint, and added “it will tend to equalize wages throughout the industry.”

The Textile Workers Union of America has indicated it will seek wage increases next spring for Bates workers in Lewiston and Augusta.

25 years ago, 1983

To ease a parking crunch in front of the Ash Street Post Office, city, business and postal officials reached an agreement to provide 10 spaces for postal patrons in the Lewiston Municipal Parking Lot. The spaces are reserved for 10-minute time periods to ease early-morning parking problems directly in front of the post office. No fee will be charged for the first 10 minutes, but if patrons stay longer, they will be subject to the regular parking fees, which begin at 20 cents per hour.

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