The clock ticked loudly as I fished around my things for a pencil. The palms of my hands were all sweaty and hot. I could feel my forehead heating up. Was it just me, or was this small French room getting hotter and hotter? I think it was because I was getting ready to take my French test.

I always had good grades in French last year, but as soon as that test was set onto my desk, it seemed it was all going to change. It seemed that all I could focus on was my round, green desk getting smaller and smaller. As I looked down at the paper in front of me, I noticed there wasn’t anything on it.

I told myself to focus, and closed my eyes tightly. I grasped my pencil lightly, and wrote down the answer to the “fill-in-the-blank.” Je___bon amie de Charlotte. I wrote “suis” on the blank. Even though I wasn’t sure if it was right, it sounded good. God, my head was so hot. I felt like I was just going to start crying. The test was like taking a test that my life depended on.

Everyone had finished, and I was still working on it. Geez, the teacher must think I am an idiot. Finally, I wrote down an answer on the last line, and handed it to the teacher. Only one way to find out how hard it was. Wait

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