Halloween is every school kid’s favorite holiday. It is an especially popular holiday for school kids who have really rad costumes and can’t wear them to school. Lots of people are asking, “Why can’t we dress up?” I really hope we can change that because I would like to dress up on Halloween and so would my fellow classmates.

Halloween is the only time we can express ourselves without getting yelled at or being told we have done something wrong. I think we should have this one day to be creative and not get in trouble for what we are wearing or what we look like. Susan VanArsdale, Zoe Thomas, and Marian McBean are three of the few people who are supporting this issue. We think this is something we should be able to do. Yes, I know that teachers might think this would be a big distraction, but the teachers can have their students dress up like characters from the books they are reading. Teachers can really make this into a learning experience. I know teachers also fear that their students will dress too gory or bring a fake weapon. Well, I have one thing to say and that is make rules about bringing weapons and how much blood can be in their costumes. You can trust me; we will listen to what the rules are and we will follow them. I hope the teachers and the principals will let us have this awesome holiday to dress up at school.

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