Whatever happened to the silver table service items you received for your wedding? The silver bowls, platters, serviceware and flatware are probably sitting in the china cabinet becoming tarnished because who has time to polish silver? And no one actually uses them, do they?

They do and you can, too. It’s nice to bring out a pretty silver serving tray to brighten a party table. Popular silver gifts that don’t end up in the cabinet like picture frames, candlesticks and even your silver jewelry are items you’d like to use, too, and you’d like them to be as clean and sparkly as when you got them.

Here are some tips for using and caring for your silver items:

Remove candle wax – Simply run hot water over the waxy area. The softened wax should be easy to pry off with a finger – never a sharp object.

Wash and dry – Wash the item by hand with warm water and a gentle dishwashing soap, but don’t soak the silver for any length of time. Rinse the piece well and dry immediately with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Prepare for removing tarnish– Wear plastic gloves rather than rubber (rubber can react adversely with the silver and cause discoloration). Use a soft cotton cloth or sponge to work the silver cleaner over the piece, following the cleaner’s directions.

Polish or cleaner – Whether you choose cleaner or polish, it’s a personal preference and for many, time is of the essence. There is one solution – Tarn-X tarnish remover – that quickly and easily removes tarnish with no rubbing or scrubbing.

Tarn-X removes tarnish from sterling silver, silver plate, platinum, copper, gold and cleans diamonds. It’s a tarnish remover that’s been trusted with fine silver products for 40 years. Simply wipe it on and rinse off with cold water. Dry it with a soft cloth, and that’s it!

Cleaning jewelry – Dip it, rinse and dry. Suddenly your jewelry looks like new and you can wear it again.

“My jewelry box is full of silver jewelry that I bought 20 years ago and considered getting rid of because I never wear it anymore,” says Miriam Lambertz, of Minneapolis, Minn. “I used Tarn-X on a very special bracelet that I can wear again now, and it only took a minute to come clean.”

Wear your old silver jewelry proudly with your new jewelry. When fine jewelry and diamonds need cleaning, it won’t be a big, time consuming project. You can clean your jewelry while you’re getting ready to go out, and your jewelry will look as fresh as you do.

Remember these other tips for silver service care:

Display safely – A glass-enclosed cabinet works well. Camphor blocks can be added to the cabinet to help prevent tarnish, without actually touching the silver. Find them where new silver pieces are sold. If the silver you inherited from your grandparents is tucked away, now you can display it because cleaning with Tarn-X is so easy.

Using silver – Certain foods with a high acidic content will stain and pit fine silver. Store safely – Wrap each piece with acid-free buffered tissue, or washed cotton, linen, or polyester or specially made silver cloths. Do not use wool, felt, chamois leather or newspaper, which can cause excessive tarnishing.

For more information about Tarn-X and other fine silver care products, visit www.jelmar.com. As with any Jelmar product, they offer a full money back guarantee. – Courtesy of ARAcontent.

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