How much do you know about winter? Test your knowledge by taking the quiz below. Circle the answers you think are correct.

1. Winter begins when this event occurs. a. First frost b. Winter solstice c. First snowfall d. Christmas

2. This weather condition consists of a bitterly cold wind accompanied by blowing snow whipped up from the ground. a. Snowstorm b. Cyclone c. Squall d. Blizzard

3. This winter holiday celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. a. Christmas b. Epiphany c. Kwanzaa d. Hanukkah

4. This weeklong festival is celebrated by exchanging presents and eating a meal that is known as karamu. a. Christmas b. Epiphany c. Kwanzaa d. Hanukkah

5. These racket-shaped devices are worn to prevent a person from sinking in deep snow. a. Skis b. Snowshoes c. Boots d. Moccasins

6. When under this popular holiday decoration, a person is supposed to kiss whoever is with him or her. a. Pine branch b. Evergreen bough c. Mistletoe d. Holly

7. This area of the United States is characterized by cold, snowy winters. a. East Coast b. Snow Belt c. Southwest d. Deep South

8. This multicolored candy treat is available throughout the Christmas season. a. Chocolate bars b. Gumdrops c. Candy canes d. Bubble gum

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