n One out of three’s not bad: The J.S. Pemberton Medicine Company was formed in Atlanta circa 1885 to sell three principal products: a cough syrup and a hair dye that are both long forgotten, plus Pemberton’s French Wine of Cola. In 1886, after prohibition legislation, Pemberton devised a non-alcoholic version of his Wine of Cola, which is known today as Coca- Cola.

n Famous flying: The National Aviation Hall of Fame, near Dayton, Ohio, has some unexpected celebrity members. Actor Cliff Robertson, for example, has organized several airlift-relief efforts to Africa. And telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell was enshrined for his early contributions toward powered aircraft.

Delusional or morbid jealousy is named for what Shakespeare character?

A) Hamlet

B) Lear

C) Macbeth

D) Othello

Monday’s answer: The sitcom “Friends” gave us a hairstyle called the Rachel, for Jennifer Aniston’s character.

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