Over my final two years of high school, I have considered becoming a teacher, and majoring in education. I am a senior at Oak Hill High School and I am also attending Lewiston Regional Technical Center and studying Teaching Children Practicum. That class is the next class offered after Early Childhood Occupations Education; which I completed and received National Technical Honor Society for last year. These classes have taught me to work with children from birth to school age, and to practice being a teacher in the classroom with students.

My experience through ECOE was helping to run the nursery school at LRTC, and then choosing a location to complete a few weeks in a classroom setting of my choice. I chose to be in seventh grade at Sabattus Central School. There, I was able to work and direct the class through English/Writing/Language Arts activities. I was in charge of making groups for a Reader’s Theatre Project, and personally working with one group of kids for their presentation. I had a lot of fun, learned new teaching techniques, and got to see what it would be like to work in the classroom setting.

This year, I am back at Sabattus Central School and in the seventh grade again. I am enjoying teaching, grading papers, and working with small groups. And, this year I have also been able to go and work and help other teachers in different grades. I love what I do, and it’s too bad, that I am unable to have this chance again next year, but I definitely encourage others to join in the classes I have, and see how much fun it is, and how much you will learn. It is a very rewarding experience.

I showed interest in teaching because I wish to help people. I enjoy working with older kids because I want to be able to make a difference in their lives, as I idolized those people that were able to make a difference in my life, during those years. The age group of seventh and eighth grade is still learning how to make their way through life, but quickly realizing how fast life moves, and entering the teenage years. I want to be there for these kids as they go through this time of their lives.

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