Please note that Sun Spots provided an incorrect phone number in Saturday’s column for readers who may have a copy of the “Boys Life” magazine that featured Boy Scout Troop 007. If you wouldn’t mind parting with it, call 786-0478.

Dear Sun Spots: I am trying to locate two branches of the McIntire family who moved to Auburn and Lewiston from the Bingham area. The first is Danville McIntire, who died in 1904 in Lewiston. Danville had a hairdressing establishment in Lewiston for a number of years. He married Eliza Linnell. They had one son, Harry McIntire. I am wondering what happened to Danville’s widow and son.

The second family is Obed W. and Rose Robinson McIntire, who moved to Auburn with their two youngest daughters. The oldest, Laura McIntire, taught in the Edward Little High School for a time, later becoming a school principal in Rhode Island. The youngest was Amo McIntire Yeaton. Her husband was Frank Elliott Yeaton. This couple had two children, Elizabeth Spaulding Yeaton and Ruth Yeaton. I am wondering if someone from the large Yeaton clan can provide more detail. I also have information to share. E-mail me at [email protected] – Pam, Pittsfield.

Dear Sun Spots: Your column has helped a lot of people. I’m hoping you can help me. My mother has been looking for a World War II movie called “The Assisi Underground.” I’m hoping a reader has one to sell or knows where I could find a copy. Call 375-4840. Thank you. – John Camire, Greene.

In addition to responses from readers, Sun Spots located copies of this film and book on as well as eBay.

• To No Name, Vienna (Sun Spots, Thursday, Dec. 4), I remember the “hulled corn man.” In the ’40s, I would visit relatives in Waterville on Silver Street. He would come around to the houses selling hulled corn. Several years ago I received instructions on how to make it, from the Extension. I now buy it at my local Hannaford. It’s called hominy and comes in cans in either yellow or white. – L. Seamon, Farmington Falls.

Dear Sun Spots: I am making afghans for cancer patients and would appreciate any donations of pink yarn. These will be donated to local hospitals. I can be reached at 645-5204. Thank you in advance. – Sherry Storer, North Jay.

Dear Sun Spots: I am writing to see if your readers would help, as my mother has written in the past and received good responses. My mom and dad have been raising two of their granddaughters, and both work very hard for these little girls. Just before Thanksgiving, my dad had a serious heart attack that required an emergency triple bypass. That resulted in him being out of work and unable to make any money. My mother is disabled, and they are now struggling just to pay for the medicine he needs to stay alive (no health coverage). I am having a hard time myself, so I started calling charities to see if I could find someone to help these two sweet girls have a nice Christmas, but everyone’s lists are already full. I feel so horrible that I am not able to help, and so I thought I could write this letter to see if there is anyone who might be able to help these girls (ages 2 and 9) have a little something under their tree this year. They have been so strong and helpful and understanding during my dad’s ordeal. They deserve a Merry Christmas, too. please contact me at 689-3317 Thank you. – Andrya, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: I really enjoy your column. You offer so much help to all of us with questions or problems. I am trying to find the phone number for Glen Barry. He installed my roof, and he can’t be reached at the number I had for him. Call 783-0773. Thank you. – No Name, Lewiston.

Answer: Sun Spots located Mr. Barry. He can be contacted at 212-6261.

Dear Sun Spots: These past few days as I’m going to work in Lewiston, I have noticed a white car with a flyer on the back window. It says “Get A Grip.”

I have been trying to read it and get a phone number and am still trying to get some information. I hear these traction aids are worth the money. My safety is the most important thing. Any help finding this lady would be very much appreciated. -John, Auburn.

Answer: Contact Connie Mercier, 25 Fourth St., Auburn, ME 04210, 784-1481 or via e-mail at [email protected] for more information about these. Traction aids are also available at NAPA Auto Parts at 325 Center St. Call to see if they have some available at 786-2220.

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