MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) – A judge will officially sentence Michael Addison on Monday, three days after a jury found he should get the death penalty for fatally shooting police Officer Michael Briggs in 2006.

Hillsborough County Superior Court Judge Kathleen McGuire will officially impose the sentence, though she is barred from changing it.

Michael Addison, 28, who killed a police officer in 2006, on Thursday became the first person in a half century to receive the death penalty in New Hampshire.

Briggs’ friends and family will have the opportunity to directly address Addison about their loss.

After the verdict, Briggs’ father, Leland, said the decision gives him hope that other police officers will be better protected and that criminals will know they can’t get away with shooting people. Briggs’ mother, Maryann, praised the state’s prosecutors and said the verdict shows New Hampshire has a good justice system.

Addison will also be sentenced on Monday for a number of other convictions related to a string of robberies and shootings during the week before he killed Briggs.

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