The Lewiston, Augusta & Waterville street railway has tried hard for several weeks to operate successfully a half-hour schedule, or car service, between Lewiston and Crowley’s Junction, but there is not enough patronage of the cars in that vicinity to make this system a success. The car only took in a few dollars a day and that was taken from the regular hourly cars which have been in operation for years. The management has, therefore, decided to discontinue the half-hour car on Jan. 1, 1909.

50 years ago, 1958

An Auburn man was somewhat surprised yesterday afternoon when he went into his chicken house to find a new family had taken up residence there.

Bradford Stevens of Huard Avenue told Auburn police that when he went into the chicken house he found a female dog and a new litter of puppies there. Investigation revealed the dog was owned by a neighbor on Poliquin Avenue, and the dog and puppies were removed to the proper home.

25 years ago, 1983

MECHANIC FALLS – Only once in 30 years did the elements keep him from completing his appointed rounds. But that wasn’t a black mark on the otherwise almost perfect postal service record of Richard H. Keene, an RFD mail carrier with more than a half-million accident-free miles. He retires Saturday.

During that no-delivery period, no one else delivered any mail either. Keene has been RFD 1 mail carrier out of the Mechanic Falls post office since Dec. 1949 and says he has “completed my route every day since 1952.” That one time he was unable to make deliveries was during the massive mid-winter storm of 1952.

Now that he’s entering retirement, Keene hasn’t any particular plans. He’s an ardent fisherman and has wet a line all through the state. It’s possible he’ll be fishing in the Allagash.

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