The Great Department store of Lewiston began the new year by making change with brand new gold and silver and crisp bills. Every customer will receive his change in new money as long as it lasts. The silver and gold are direct from the mints and were obtained thru an early order. Banks are unable to secure all the new coinage they want now. One of the local banks has endeavored to get some of the new money from the Great Department Store, but the management declined to accommodate it, saying they wanted all they had for their customers. A tray of the new money is displayed in one of the windows.

50 years ago, 1959

Two young Auburn brothers were nabbed yesterday afternoon by Lewiston police after “stink” bombs had been tossed in the Manufacturers National Bank building, 35 Ash St., and in the Lewiston Post Office building at 49 Ash St.

The same-type foul-smelling “bombs” were dropped last week at Victor News at 50 Ash St.

Lewiston Police Capt. James F. Murphy said the brothers, aged 9 and 11, were turned over to their parents and severely reprimanded.

25 years ago, 1984

Last year the Androscoggin County Jail began buying prescribed medicine for inmates in individually-packaged doses to prevent waste.

Because the unit-dose system allows the jail to return unused medicine for a refund, the county has saved about $90 since the experiment began, Sheriff Joseph P. Laliberte estimated Monday.

An Auburn pharmacy was awarded the bid last year to supply prescribed medicine to the County Jail. The County Commission is scheduled to award this year’s bid at the commission’s regular meeting Wednesday.

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