n You’re not paranoid if …: They thought Martha Mitchell was crazy. Definitely paranoid. The attorney general’s wife was convinced that there was corruption and criminality in Washington, a scandal she said went all the way to the White House. Martha’s husband was John Mitchell; she was rambling about Watergate.

n Hollywood Canucks: There are plenty of Canadian actors in Hollywood, but not that many Canadian characters for them to play. On TV, we have thought of Dave on “NewsRadio,” Robin on “How I Met Your Mother” and Todd on “Samantha Who?” There are also a handful of Mounties. Can you think of any other Canadian characters on U.S. TV shows?

Robert Runcie was a WWII tank commander known as “Killer” Runcie. What did he do after the war?

A) Became archbishop of Canterbury

B) Came out of the closet

C) Founded Amnesty International

D) Became the worst U.K. serial killer

Monday’s answer: Sonny Bono got his start as a music promoter.

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