n A quarter for your thoughts: Having gone through all 50 states, the United States Mint is now issuing a coin to honor the District of Columbia. The District submitted three designs, all of which included the words “Taxation Without Representation” in reference to its campaign to have voting members of Congress. The Mint rejected that, but did accept the design featuring Duke Ellington and the phrase “Justice for All.”

n Merry Christmas, again: Many Eastern Orthodox churches still use the old Julian calendar, which is out of sync with the Gregorian calendar we use. As a result, the Eastern Orthodox Christmas is celebrated today.

In 2008, who slipped past Elvis to take the Billboard record for most Top 10 hits?

A) Mariah Carey

B) Elton John

C) Madonna

D) U2

Tuesday’s answer: Tank commander Killer Runcie became the archbishop of Canterbury.

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