Dear Sun Spots: I know that DTV is coming soon and I do have the converter boxes that I need. My question is regarding channel 23 FOX. They are not digital as yet. When are they planning to go digital so that we can watch them on DTV? – Susan Raymond, No Town.

Answer: According to information obtained from, FOX23 will not be converted to digital until February 17. They explain that when the station was purchased in 2003, the time period when stations could file with the FCC for an additional digital channel position had expired. Therefore, when they make the switch, their analog signal on 23 will become their digital signal on 23. If they convert to digital before February, the large percentage of their viewers who pick up the analog signal would be unable to receive the programming at all. It is the station’s decision to give all viewers the chance to make preparations with either a new set or DTV converter box.

A representative for FOX23 told Sun Spots they are suggesting that viewers who have set up their converter box simply split their signal so it is going into both the box and the back of the television. That way they will still be able to receive the analog signal. Once they switch to digital on Feb. 17, viewers will be able to receive FOX23 through the box just like the other stations.

If you don’t have your TV converter box yet, don’t forget to apply for a $40 coupon to put toward the purchase of one. Apply through March 31 at, call 888-DTV-2009 or mail an application to P.O. Box 2000, Portland, OR 97208-2000. Limit two per household while supplies last.

Dear Sun Spots: I was born in 1942 and as a child I was given a book at around age 10. I do not recall it’s name. It showed a cover with a rather large woman and her very thin husband. He would only east roast beef cooked in her particular pots and pans. As a result, whenever they traveled, they would need to take the pots with them.

I have looked in shops and also went online inquiring whether or not it was a Golden Book. Does anyone know? – No Name, No Town.


Answer: Sun Spots has had no luck finding this book. Hopefully someone will have more information for you!

Dear Sun Spots: The First Baptist Church of Brunswick has cookbooks for sale. They are $15 each or two for $25. Proceeds from the sales of the cookbooks benefit the “Fresh Water for Africa Well Fund.” Each well is $5,000 and to date, they’ve raised more than $10,000. Anyone interested in purchasing a cookbook may write to: First Baptist Church of Brunswick, 284 Church Rd., Brunswick, ME 04011. Please send $5 for postage. Also, call 729-6745 or visit The cookbook has 260 pages with recipes from celebrities. – No Name, No Town.

Answer: Sun Spots congratulates the congregation for raising the funds to build wells for the villages in Africa! We visited the Web site, which has a photo list of the 60 celebrity contributors. Included in the list are Betty White, Billy Ray Cyrus, Gov. John Baldacci and comedian Bob Marley. You may also reserve a copy of the cookbook by sending an e-mail to: [email protected] with your name and contact information.

Dear Sun Spots: Boy Scout Troop 130 from South Paris would like to thank everyone who contributed bottles and donations to their bottle drive Saturday, Jan. 3. With your contributions we were able to raise $247, which will be utilized for fun activities for the boys. Thanks again. – Priscilla Hebert, South Paris.

Dear Sun Spots: I would like suggestions from knitters as to where to get a sweater blocked. Thanks again. – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: In November, the Sun Journal Advertising Department received a money order in the mail for publication of a novena. The money order had no name, return address or phone number. We have held it hoping the person who mailed it would contact us when it did not appear. We would love to print your ad, but we need to speak with you before we are able to do so. If you mailed this in to us, please contact Crystal in the Classified Advertising Department at 689-2972.

Also as a reminder to customers, please include at least a contact name and phone number if mailing in an ad with a money order. Thank you. – Crystal, Sun Journal.

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