1. What are the emotions evident the next morning on the Brennan farm?

2. What is the “charred and disfigured lump of metal” that the investigator and Mr. Brennan are poking at?

3. What does the insurance investigator think caused the fire? Does Ben agree?

4. Shouldn’t Mr. Brennan and Rachel know the truth? Shouldn’t Ben share with them all of his ideas about what happened?

5. The last paragraph of this chapter signals quite a change in Ben. Explain the change.

6. How do you see Ben’s life working out? What do you see as the future of Wind Rider Farms? Does Ben have a future there?


n Muted: “The celebration over Gogo’s victory had been a muted one…” (flat, dull)

n Solemn: “They made a solemn parade out to the site of the barn…” (grim, unsmiling)

n Morass: “…and the driveway was a morass of muddy ruts…” (swamp)

Answers to questions in teachers’ guide

1. Everyone is sad and subdued but still grateful that no one was hurt and grateful to Ben for all he did in the fire.

2. The lump of metal could be the extension cord that Rachel kicked and that may have started the fire.

3. The insurance investigator believes the fire is electrical. Answers will vary.

4. Answers will vary.

5. Ben seems ready to visit the prison and see his father.

6. Answers will vary.

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