LEWISTON – Lewiston Department of Recreation grade school basketball leaders:


Pettingill Panthers vs. Farwell Blue – Leading scorers, Isaac Escobar (P), Devon Iler (F); Coaches awards, Corey Harvey (P), Ryan Skillings (F); Hustle awards, Dawayna Davis (P), Abdulahi Ahmed (F); Sportsmanship, Timothy Dube (P), Legend Edwards (F).

Montello Blue vs. Trinity White – Leading scorers, Dion Jackson (M), Nathan Albert (T); Coaches awards, Ahmed Mohamed (M), Zachary Abisalih (T); Hustle awards, Jordan Palmer (M), Clifford Greco (T); Sportsmanship, Hassan Mohamed (M), Jacob Ouellette (T).

Martel Dark Green vs. McMahon Gold – Leading scorers, Brandon Varney (Ma), Carter Chabot (Mc); Coaches awards, Jacob Gosselin (Ma), Ty Murphy (Mc); Hustle awards, Austin Merritt (Ma), Chris Hazelton (Mc); Sportsmanship, Patrick Holmander (Ma), Andrew Loisel (Mc).

Trinity Catholic Blue vs. McMahon Black – Leading scorers, Bryan Bonefant (T), Hassan Hussein (M); Coaches awards, Bryan Bonefant (T), Hassan Hussein (M); Hustle awards, Ryan Harvey (T), Nathan Cook (M); Sportsmanship, Ben Trytek (T), Austin Wing (M).


Martel Light Green vs. Trinity Catholic Blue – Leading scorers, Emily Brochu (M), Sarah Bolduc and Hannah Carr (T); Coaches awards, Emily Brochu (M), Tia Rotolico (T); Hustle awards, Shanon Pierce (M), Nicolette Vallee (T); Sportsmanship, Cortney Marquis (M), Shannon Roy (T).

Martel Dark Green vs. Montello Blue Girls – Leading scorers, Sare Howes (Ma), Maggie Phelan (Mo); Coaches award, Karlye Baker (Mo), Maggie Phelan (Mo), Taylor Ward (Mo).

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