Seasons don’t really have a first, second, and third. They go in a cycle and keep going round. The first is when leaves hit the ground. Then, when presents and spirits are high, the season when snow falls from the sky. And, then comes the time when new life is born, it is when we remember Jesus’ crown of thorn. Then, my favorite time of all, the season that comes before the fall. When school is out, the sun stays long, I love to sing that summer song. I will individually mention them all, I think I’ll start with fall.

Fall is when leaves come down. It’s also when Halloween rolls around. Scary masks, candy galore! This is the holiday I adore! Skeletons will rattle and shake, if you touch them they will break! Then comes the time when you’re filled with cheer, the season of winter draws near.

Winter comes and winter goes, but how long it lasts no one knows. Snow will fall, blizzards will start, the presence of family will fill your heart. Also Christmas is in this place, it brings a smile to your face. I love Christmas so much! I think hot chocolate will do the touch! Then after winter when pastels rule, I think, spring is pretty cool.

Spring, spring, spring! High, high, high! I feel like I could touch the sky! It’s time for Easter hide some eggs, that old bunny hops on his legs. April Break, so nice to get away, let’s go to the beach to run and play. It may be cool, but it’s getting warm, but nothing compared with what’s to come…

Aaaaaah. Summer I love to chill, it’s nice when you have time to kill. Swimming, sports, sleeping in late, having a hard time remembering the date. This is my favorite season of all, the one that comes before fall. Summer is my all time best, I put it way in front of the rest. And as you see, and as you know, this is how the seasons go. They keep going, year after year, which season is drawing near?

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