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Dear Sun Spots: Please and thank you. We are at our wits end on this problem that we have found ourselves in. I am 62 and have worked more than 40 years in factories. My friend has worked 25 years at her present job, and now we found out that we are losing our jobs, so that means that we will not have health insurance.

So, our problem is we are not old enough for Medicare so that all we would need is a supplemental health plan.

We have been paying in for years to AARP only to find out that they don’t have a health insurance plan for our ages in this area.

So, could you or maybe other readers have some information for us? We need an affordable rate a month as we will be on fixed income. Yours truly. – Readers in Turner area.

Nancy Kelleher, from AARP Maine agrees that this is a terrible problem for our nation. Kelleher had great news for us as well; she explained that AARP now offers this insurance for Maine as well as other states. However, she is not aware of the details as it is so new. Her suggestion is to visit the Web site http://www.aarphealthcare.com/ to see which product works best for you. You may also call 888-687-2277 for more information.

Our local SeniorsPlus office noted that since Dirigo Health Agency is not accepting individual enrollees at this time, you may want to approach your local insurance agent to see if they have any options available. Be sure to visit someone you trust, who will be able to clearly explain your options to you. Another suggestion, though costly, is COBRA. To find out if you qualify or for more information, contact the U.S. Department of Labor at (617) 565-9600 or 866-444-3272. Sun Spots wishes you the best of luck.

Dear Sun Spots: I am inquiring to see if someone has little books of poems with pictures from the “Salesian Missions?” These books are used for my art work. If you would, mail them to my address and your postage will be refunded if you desire it. Thank you! Mrs. Bunny Pache, 9 Grandview Cir. #203B, Mexico, ME 04257. – Mrs. Bunny Pache, Mexico.

In addition to responses from readers, contact the mission at 888-608-2327, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to inquire about these particular books.

Dear Sun Spots: Would you be able to find a Stanley Home Product dealer around the Jay area? I love their kettle cleaners. Thanks. – No Name, Jay.

Answer: Contact Marilyn Morse of North Jay, who has been selling these products for about eight years. She has some products on hand, including the kettle cleaners, and can order other products as well. She may be reached at her hair salon at 645-2910.

Dear Sun Spots: My name is Sherry Storer. I am still making pink afghans for cancer patients and cancer survivors. I am in need of pink yarn. If you have any you don’t want, I would take all donations of that color. My address is P.O. Box 210, Wilton, ME 04294 and my phone number is 645-5204. Thank you for your help. – Sherry, Wilton.

Dear Sun Spots: Does anyone make wintergreen patties anymore? I haven’t seen any since I was at Grand City in Brunswick. I haven’t been for years. Any information is appreciated. – No Name, Monmouth.

Dear Sun Spots: In the January 2009 issue of “Consumer Reports” an article about top TV converters listed nine different makes of converters. Of those, three were basic and six were better. The better listed are: Tivax (STB T9), Alpha Digital (AT 2016), AccesseHD (DTA1010D), Microgem (MG2000), Tivax (SBT T8) and Channel Master (CM-7000). Could Sun Spots help me in locating where any of the six above mentioned converters can be purchased? Time to convert to digital is very close to the deadline. Thank you for the great job you do. – Ron, No Town.

Answer: Sun Spots was unable to locate retailers in our area who carry those exact brands; Zenith and APEX seemed to be the most prevalent locally. Perhaps readers could suggest the brands they prefer. We also recommend readers to call the store ahead to confirm availability on the day you plan to shop, as many are on back order. Also note that all of the brands mentioned in the article are available for purchase online.

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