Wandering about Perryville, Auburn, late last night seeking a place to sleep for the night, a mysterious old lady was found after 11 o’clock by Officer Langen. The woman appeared slightly demented and would not tell her name or where she lived. The officer secured lodgings for her and today the police will try to ascertain where she belongs.

The woman who is apparently Scotch is about 65 years of age and is exceedingly large, weighing nearly 300 pounds. She is dark complexioned and there is trouble with one eye. She was dressed in a skirt of mixed goods, wore a gray shawl and her hat was of bright colors. She talked considerably on religion but other than that would have little to say. She did state, however, that she came to Lewiston yesterday from Brunswick.

50 years ago, 1959

The Auburn Last Co., established five years ago by Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Holmes of 48 Gamage Ave., yesterday started using new quarters at 553 Lincoln St. The firm had previously been located in the Cushman Shoe building at 209 Court St.

The firm employs about 20 persons but Holmes said plans call for an expansion of operations resulting eventually in the hiring of additional personnel.

The company manufactures, remodels and repairs lasts, a form used in the manufacture of shoes.

25 years ago, 1984

Through the courtesy of the Lewiston School Department, the Lewiston Historical Commission has a room on the first floor of the Dingley Building on Oak Street. In the course of time, all of the commission’s material will be moved to the new quarters where it will be arranged and made available to the public. The Lewiston Historical Commission was created in 1969 by then-mayor John Beliveau with the task of discovering and commemorating events and places significant to Lewiston’s past.

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