Well, well, law and order comes to look the editorial page editor in the eye. I refer to the Sun Journal editorial printed Dec. 26, “A crime that needs punishment.” I enjoyed the article, but am sadly amused that no one wants to be consistent here.

I remember when life was considered to start at conception. Anything that happened to the fetus was happening to a human being. However, by popular demand, and the possibility of making tons of money, the definition of “when you become a human being” was changed.

Why? I do believe it was because there was money to be made treating fetuses like non-human things, foreign objects in a woman’s body. Just a non-human thing in a test tube that could be treated inhumanely and make someone rich.

Elected officials bought the idea and here we are. So, how can Richard Dwyer have killed a human when he only killed a fetus? And then, only because he killed the mother, a human. She could have had the fetus removed, killed by any method, however painful to the fetus at any time before birth, without an eyebrow being raised.

So where is the crime? It was only a fetus, it’s not like it was human.

What a nation we have become!

Joel Denison, Strong