RUMFORD – NewPage Corp. spokesman Tony Lyons confirmed Tuesday afternoon that the local paper mill will be affected by the production cutback announced recently by headquarters. However, specifics were not disclosed.

The Miamisburg, Ohio-based paper company announced Jan. 9 that it will cut production by 150,000 tons in the first quarter due to declining orders and stockpiled inventory.

Besides the Rumford plant, which employs about 1,000 people, NewPage owns paper mills in Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Nova Scotia.

Local 900 President Matt Bean and several employees who did not want to be identified said that long log, ground wood and the No. 9 machine, which is also the pulp dryer, are shut down. That was not confirmed by Lyons.

Twenty-four-hour nursing coverage has been reduced.

The production cutback follows a temporary layoff of about 200 employees, mostly from the departments now shut down, from Dec. 8 to Jan. 2.

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