When you think of high school, you probably think of classrooms with walls, desks, chairs, and windows. You may even think of long hallways and talking with your friends during lunch and breaks. If these are the images that come to mind, you are not wrong, but imagine a high school without walls. No bricks. No mortar. No boundaries. Imagine a high school where students can come from all over the country and all over the world to be taught by some of the best instructors; a high school that you can attend anytime night or day, weekday or weekend; a high school that offers hundreds of courses from college prep to advanced placement.

St. Dominic Regional High School has entered into its third year being partnered with Virtual High School (VHS) of Maynard, Massachusetts. This partnership has allowed for St. Dom’s to enhance its curriculum and allow students to be eligible to select from over two-hundred and fifty additional core, Advanced Placement (AP) and elective NetCourses; and as a result has allowed these same students the ability to interact with students and teachers from around the globe.

This year, our students took advantage of courses ranging from Forensic Science to Computer Aided Design and everything in between. We were also able to add our own teacher, Mrs. Kelly Angell, to the Virtual High School instructional staff through her teaching of the Netcourse “Gods of CNN: The Power of Modern Media”.

So when you think of high school education moving forward and preparing its students for the future, think of the St. Dom’s and the Virtual High School program’s many benefits:

Schedule flexibility – whenever or wherever you have a free period and/or Internet access you can go to class!

Enroll in unique courses not traditionally available such as Pre-Veterinary Medicine or Entrepreneurship.

Gain essential 21st century learning skills such as multimedia presentation, online collaboration and communication, and team building.

The ability to select form a variety of Advanced Placement courses.

Have the ability to collaborate with students from other states and countries.

Currently, St. Dom’s has open applications for its students to become part of the VHS program. For more information concerning the VHS program or the St. Dom’s experience of integrity, community and excellence, please contact Jim Boulet – Director of Admissions, or Peter Servidio – St. Dom’s VHS Site Coordinator. Either can be reached by contacting the high school at 207-782-6911.

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