Recycling Makes ” is the catchphrase buzzing throughout the classrooms and corridors of Trinity Catholic School. The Trinity Catholic School Community Recycling Club adopted this slogan, which is open to students of every grade level who share a passion for keeping the Earth clean and green. The student volunteers work alongside Elizabeth Dunn, who is a fourth grade teacher at Trinity Catholic and the faculty advisor for the club. The Recycling Club meets every other Tuesday after school for 45 minutes. During that time, members haul cardboard out to the designated dumpster, rinse used juice pouches, sort cookie wrappers, send redeemable bottles and cans down the returnables chute and empty the paper recycling bins from every classroom and then deposit selected recyclables into the Re-Harvest receptacle, located on the Baird Ave. side of the elementary campus. Re-harvest is a local Maine company owned by Peter Bolduc, who has partnered with Trinity Catholic in supporting their recycling efforts. The company donates a portion of the funds earned by filling the dumpster, back to the school.

Trinity Catholic has rejuvenated and expanded its existing recycling programs and has introduced a variety of new, hands-on recycling initiatives from the onset of this academic year. The school was recognized by the Maine Recycles Week Steering Committee for its “creative, effective and tremendous reported efforts,” and was awarded $250.00 in the Maine Recycles Week 2008 contest.

Addition to encouraging their school, families and communities to recycle their newspapers, magazines, catalogs and phonebooks in the Re-Harvest receptacle, club members are determined to spread the word of all their recycling endeavors. The club collects and recycles all of the following items: empty ink and toner cartridges, old and damaged cell phones and cell phone batteries, empty juice pouches, empty Nabisco cookie wrappers, natural and synthetic corks, Aluminum tabs (MLCs) and redeemable bottles and cans. All proceeds from these recycling programs benefit the students and teachers at Trinity Catholic. Thank you for making a difference in our community by simply, recycling everyday.

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