AUBURN – Lynda Adams always knew she could carry a tune, but didn’t pursue her passion until last year. Now, she fronts the rock band Black Rose and sings a variety of music, including country, ’30s and ’40s tunes, big band tunes, pop and rock.

Black Rose will perform Saturday, Feb. 7, at Club Texas on Center Street. Also playing will be Walkin’ the Tightrope, a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan.

According to Adams, her favorite artist has always been Melissa Etheridge; and she thought if she ever sang in a band, she would stick with just singing female songs. However, her unique voice also enables Adams to put her own spin on male hard rock songs by Metallica, Judas Priest, Ozzy and others.

Black Rose has been playing in the Portland area since last August, but took a recent break to regroup and find a new drummer.

Band members, besides Adams, are Michael Dick, Dan McLellan and Scott Palamountain, who have played in Portland area bands for years.

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