This year at Elm Street School there are a lot of new students. There is one new girl who is extremely different. Her name is Shujing Lian and she first came from New York to Mechanic Falls, but she originally came from China. She moved from China to Ohio. After Ohio, she moved to New York with her family to make more money and to find a piano teacher for Shujing. Shujing started playing piano when she was only four.

While in New York City, she was there for first and second grade and half of third grade. Her mom and dad worked in New Jersey in her uncle’s restaurant. Monrovia, New York, was the next spot for her family to move to. There, she started third grade because she didn’t finish it in New York. Next was Groton, New York; she started to do third grade again because she left in the middle of that year and stayed there until sixth grade. After all that fun moving around, she moved here, Mechanic Falls, for the seventh grade because her mom and dad wanted their own business. Their business is Bamboo Garden.

She is having fun making friends and getting good grades. Her favorite subject is gym and she doesn’t like Maine’s weather. But, who does?

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