Once upon a time people used records to listen to music, candy cost a penny, and cell phones didn’t exist. It was a time when people were trying to expand their knowledge up into the sky and down low into the oceans. It was a time of change and courage to advance into the future.

Nowadays, we sit on the couch talking for hours about nothing at all, eat high taxed junk food, and complain. We do nothing about global problems or even local concerns because we don’t want to leave our comfort level. These are only a few of the problems that face our nation at the moment, but what for our future? Will it get better? I can’t be sure, but if we do nothing in the present, how can we advance to our future? We can’t.

We can’t head into the future by walking backwards, but we can learn from our past and carry it into the future. By enthusiasticlly learning about science and math, we can uncover the secret world we live in and reveal what it really is. That is how I recommend we treat our present so we can change for the better.

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