MEXICO – Five local men were arrested Monday in connection with a burglary last week when eight handguns and one rifle were taken from Casey’s Auto and Gun Shop.

Chief James Theriault said Nation Miller, 21, Carlton Avenue, Mexico, was arrested at 11:30 a.m., and Keith Provencher, 26, Cumberland St., Rumford, was arrested at 1 p.m. at Washington Avenue, Rumford, on charges of felony burglary and theft, and vandalism.

Tyler Miller, 46, Carlton Avenue, Mexico, and no relation to Nation Miller, was arrested at 3 p.m. at his home on felony charges of receiving stolen property, criminal simulation (removing a serial number), burglary accomplice liability (allowing use of his vehicle to move stolen property) and possession of firearms by a prohibited person.

Nelson Rivera, 20, Osgood Avenue, Mexico, was arrested at his home and charged with felony receiving stolen property. Aaron Brasuell, 31, Rumford Avenue, Rumford, was arrested in Rumford, for felony receiving stolen property.

All five men were incarcerated at the Rumford Police Department lock-up late Monday afternoon, then were transported to the Oxford County jail.

The eight handguns and one rifle, which was discovered missing after the initial burglary was reported, were taken sometime between late Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

The two perpetrators are believed to have broken into the Roxbury Road shop through an air conditioner opening at the rear of the store. A glass window at the front of the business was also broken. At least $500 in damage was caused during the break-in. The firearms were valued at more than $3,000.

Four handguns and the 223 Remington rifle were recovered. Theriault believes at least two, if not all, of the remaining four handguns were tossed into the Androscoggin River somewhere in Rumford. Police are still searching for the weapons.

He said he, Mexico officer Brad Gallant, Rumford Lt. Dan Garbarini and Rumford Sgt. Jaime Bernard questioned the younger Miller about the burglary Monday morning at his home. Theriault said Miller was cooperative and led the officers to the other four men.

Theriault also received assistance from Rumford Chief Stacy Carter and Rumford officer Lawrence Winson.

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