Dear Sun Spots: I was wondering if anyone took any pictures of the Unity Train Station display at McLaughlin Gardens in December and if so would they be willing to share a copy? – L.H., No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: Now that the cold weather has hit I’d like to know if the Edenpure is worth buying? How much does it cost to run and how much oil do you save? Does it keep you warm like it says? How far can you turn your thermostat down and how long do you run the Edenpure? Is it really safe to use? Does it really heat 1,000 square feet comfortably? Is there a thermostat on it? I’d like to buy one but, as you can see, I’m skeptical. – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: We would greatly appreciate some information. Is there anyone in this area who transfers 8 mm films to tapes or DVD? Also where may we purchase press tape or cement for splicing 8 mm film? Thank you. – No Name, No Town.

Answer: Contact Via Vision Film & Video Productions in Lewiston, 783-2550. Call to arrange a time to drop off your tapes, or you can download an order form at their Web site, www.viavision and mail in your request. They can transfer your 8 mm movie reels to a standard DVD and also enhance the movie once it’s transferred.

Francis at Via Vision also told us that most splicing tape and cement is found on eBay and using them may require specific splicing machines. He recommends having your film transferred and preserved, rather than trying to splice it. Sun Spots did locate Kodak brand press tape and cement on eBay ranging in price from $2.95 to $6.45.

Dear Sun Spots: For the two women who were laid off and had no health insurance, if they call Jean Fournier at 784-5453, she will find them something they can afford. – Maurice Labrie, Lewiston.

Dear Sun Spots: On Jan. 22, you had David who wrote in about lottery tickets for animal shelters and the humane society. Just wanted to let him know these are two different things. Animal shelters help find homes for animals. The humane society helps stop hunting and fishing. For Frances, also in Jan. 22, if I can see this pattern I may be able to figure out the pattern. Call me at 645-9900 or send a picture to P.O. Box 535, Temple, ME 04984, or you can bring it to The Sportsmans Wife Cafe and Crafts in Wilton. Thank you. – Becky Tyler, Temple.

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