After months of planning and saving for a wedding, a honeymoon offers one-on-one time for the couple to have fun, develop a deeper relationship, and enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation.

Among couples who enjoy a traditional wedding, statistics say that 99 percent take a honeymoon. The average honeymoon costs approximately $5,000. Since a honeymoon will account for at least 14 percent of the total wedding budget, couples want to ensure that theirs is money well spent – especially in an economy where every penny counts. Preparation is the key to honeymoon success.

“Working with travel professionals that specialize in honeymoon and destination wedding planning can help ensure couples have a memorable honeymoon,” says Scott Ellingboe, CEO of The Honeymoon (, an online honeymoon planning resource with a honeymoon gift registry service and a nationwide network of independent, experienced travel agents. “Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or use a travel expert, you’ll enjoy browsing the honeymoon package and resort listings and reading the entertaining and informative stories in our multi-media digital magazine. You’re bound to find something you weren’t looking for that will help you create a better honeymoon experience.” Additional tips provided are:

• Enjoy clear skies or bottomless blue water: Timing plays a large role in honeymoon travel. It’s important to research the average weather conditions for prospective honeymoon locales during the month you’ll be traveling as well as any events that may take place at that time. This way you book your honeymoon during an optimal time for the best conditions, both in regards to weather and the local culture.

• Save money: Putting honeymoon plans into the hands of an expert could add up to considerable savings. “Travel agents have relationships with tour and package providers that they can leverage in ways the average consumer cannot,” offers Ellingboe. Turn to a honeymoon expert for honeymoon planning needs so your honeymoon can truly be a trip of a lifetime.

• Honeymoon registry: Not just for budget-conscious brides- and grooms-to-be, consider creating a honeymoon registry to give your wedding guests an alternative to crock pots, toasters and blenders. Wedding guests can improve your honeymoon experience by gifting the activities, excursions and dining experiences that make the trip memorable.

• Pack a variety of clothing options: Bring a few different outfits of varying levels of formality so that you’ll have options on your trip. Depending upon the resort or ship, there may be specific dress codes at certain restaurants or meal times; you don’t want to be caught off-guard. Make sure your research includes destination clothing requirements since what is acceptable culturally varies widely across the globe.

• Read reviews:
There’s a reason review sites are so popular – they help people make better, more informed decisions. Advertising gives you one perspective, reviews give you another. Make sure that you read reviews of the places you are considering for your honeymoon so that you get a variety of viewpoints.

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