Life is not a competition. It is a pursuit for happiness that circles its way around an enlarged Ven Diagram with the categories of good, bad and all of the miscellaneous that falls in between. Everything you complete in life is revolved around the sole purpose of ensuring a satisfying and brighter future. When that time comes, you’re once again planning destiny to make sure that your name is not forgotten.

Doesn’t that seem all the more pointless? But hey, who am I to judge if you prefer the secret life or the one that leads you to prosperity and success, it will all die with you, won’t it? Yes, I suppose you could leave a few award winning books out there, a couple masterpieces of art.

Leave a few athletic records to be broken and championship rings. Yeah, you could be one of those people everyday kids could care less about when they compose your biography for class. You could go down as one of the greats, but yet, you’re still going down which instantly implies that one day in fact you will be forgotten. So when do you die, really? In the last second your heart stops beating? Or the day the last person you knew draws their final, dramatic, breath, that echoes in the ears of the future generations? Or is it when your best book of the decade, award winning novel ends up in yard sale boxes across the nation for a dime?

So is that it then, the final fading chapter in your own personal footprint in the path of the human race? When everything you’ve worked for since day one is ignored and overshadowed by the newer and better? No one knows the future but a few clever people have made some educated guesses and the same goes for the creation of the universe itself. Curiosity burns like a firefly in the night in every human at one point to the unanswerable questions of the unknown destiny to us all.

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