Most kids in the U.S. wake up and get ready for school and wait outside for the bus. But, about 162,000 children in the U.S. stay right at home for their education. The top three reasons for home schooling are religious reasons, better learning for their children or because they believe that public schools have poor learning environments.

There are some benefits of home schooling. You can get a closer bond with your family and also you can take more time understanding projects and enjoying things. Some parents believe that their child is ready for harder assignments and it is possible to give them that opportunity without giving them a hard time socially like in a public school.

Home schooling can provide more comfortable surroundings than meeting someone for the first time then being expected to ask questions right away. There can be downfalls also for home schooled kids.

Usually kids who are home schooled don’t have as good social skills as kids who go to public schools. Also, some kids might convince their parents to skip a day of school or they could just refuse to learn. The kids will probably feel more comfortable to speak out about things. This could be good and bad. Also being a parent you would have to view your child as a student and vice versa for the student. Home schooling can be a challenge and also a very good experience.

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