Some men are just fine getting a tie for Valentine’s Day. Others cherish a new set of clubs or season tickets to their favorite sports team’s home games. But your guy is a truck guy . . . and the only gift that will thrill his heart this Valentine’s Day is one that celebrates his great vehicular love.

Fortunately, you don’t have to shell out big bucks for a new set of tires or an awesome stereo system to please your truck guy. It’s possible to make his eyes sparkle as brightly as his truck’s high-polish paint job for less than $100. The secret is chrome.

“Nothing says ‘I love you’ to a truck guy quite like chrome,” says Frank Turner of Lund International, makers of automotive accessories. “In this economy, it can be hard to get a fair value for your truck if you’re thinking of trading up. More truck owners are keeping their trucks and tricking them out instead of taking a hit on a trade.”

A classic, timeless bit of bling, chrome has been beloved since it first graced bumpers decades ago. Bumpers are now high-tech plastic contraptions designed to improve crash safety, but chrome still holds its place of honor as the granddaddy of all truck upgrades.

So if your guy is a truck guy, and your Valentine’s Day gift budget is tighter than a big-city parking space, here are some ideas for chrome improvements sure to please:

Vent Visors: If you’ve seen the cheap plastic versions of this on a truck they might make you shudder. Sure they’re functional – vent visors fit onto a truck’s door frame above the window, allowing you to leave windows partially open to reduce interior heat when parked and they keep rain and road spray out when you’re driving with the windows cracked for some fresh air. But it takes a chrome version to elevate these practical accessories to the level of beautification.

Hood Shield: A full-height, wrap-around chrome hood shield says “I’ve arrived” and is the perfect enhancement to any decorative grille. Lund’s version resists corrosion and offers easy “no-drill” installation.

Door Handles: Chrome is not only a great looking accent for door handles, it’s a smart, durable solution for protecting against scratches in an area of the vehicle’s body that’s most prone to them. Lund’s AVS accessory line offers a variety of chrome door handles custom-engineered for a range of makes and models. They affix to the door with automotive-grade adhesive tape for a speedy, simple and secure installation.

Mirror Covers: Mirrors are another necessity that can be turned into an enhancement with the addition of chrome. Chrome mirror covers fit exactly over a vehicle’s side mirror housings, creating a custom look for minimal cost.

Fuel Door: High gas prices may have your truck guy hating the sight of his truck’s gas cap. But chrome plating can turn that simple flap into a thing of beauty – and possibly make him feel better about the big bucks he’s putting in the fuel tank.

Rear Tailgate Handle: Chrome covers fit exactly over a truck’s tailgate handle, another high-use area of a truck body that’s prone to scratching. Chrome is durable enough to resist scratches and can add pizzazz to your truck guy’s vehicle, coming or going.

“Adding a few chrome accessories can really give a vehicle a custom look . . . at a fraction of the cost,” Turner says.

Visit to learn more about chrome accessories for less than $100. – Courtesy of ARAcontent.

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