Eddie Conway, the popular baseball umpire and timekeeper, has now started in the cigar business for himself. Conway is one of the most expert cigar makers in the two cities and has been working at his trade for a number of years. He has now opened a shop at 139 Main St., which is directly across from the Empire Theatre, and has started the manufacture of good ten and five cent cigars. Conway’s many friends will wish him much success.

50 years ago, 1959

A janitor erred and Lewiston High School students didn’t have to attend classes yesterday.

The heating system ran out of oil during the night and students arrived to find temperatures inside the building on the frosty side. With the temperature in some rooms as low as 45 degrees, the youngsters were excused.

A janitor responsible for notifying his superior when the fuel supply reached the 1,800-gallon level slipped up and didn’t say anything until the supply was well below that mark. And the fuel ran out before the new shipment arrived.

As it happened, a new order of fuel arrived at the high school yesterday morning but it was too late. The school, by 10 a.m., was sufficiently heated again, but that also was too late.

25 years ago, 1984

In a workshop session Monday night, the Auburn City Council gave Mayor John J. Cleveland the go-ahead to aid lobbying efforts for a meals and lodging tax bill now before the Legislature.

The meals and lodging tax bill would raise sales taxes on motels and restaurants from 5 to 7 percent. Officials estimate the proposal would mean about $14 million in additional money for the state’s General Fund.

Of that $14 million, $1 million would be used to promote tourism in Maine, and the rest would be distributed to communities based on the state’s General Revenue Sharing formula.

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